Pork and the Far-right: Ham Stirs Terrifying Signs of Islamifying Times

Google “Islam [COUNTRY] and pork]

islam pork england

Dinner lady sacked for accidentally serving pork to a Muslim 

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Islamic extremists threaten to stab inmates who eat pork in 


 More from the DM
Daily Mail
M&S faces boycott as it lets Muslim staff refuse to sell alcohol or pork


They would only do it once, then I would tell them to stick it and never shop there again !!!!!!

I would just leave all my shopping at the till and walk out. If they are not prepared to sell various products they have no right to be working there. THIS COMMENT RECEIVED 27408 LIKES


Wow! I have never seen so many replies to a DM news article. M&S take note! Just for example, if just 25,000 of the people who have liked this highest ranking post normally spend £100 per year in your shop and decide to boycott M&S, that means that your takings will be down by 2.5 million pounds next year. I expect most people spend more than that in a year so do your sums!

In second-place hate with 23971likes

Can the non-muslim staff refuse to serve halal food then?

And in third place the adorable:

Last time I checked this was not a muslim country. 21001Likes


And it should always stay as a non Muslim country. I work part time in Tesco’s and have to serve beef even though i’m a Hindu and beef is forbidden in my religion but I don’t complain about doing that. It’s time ethnic minorities stop demanding things and shoving their beliefs down peoples throats. You are guests in this country so behave like one.

A Muslim who liked the Hindu sided with the Passion of St. George crowd spat the same kind of vitriol at his religion but he got an anemic round of applause. He expressed the same sentiment which should have scored him around 18,000 rounds of applause from the DM crowd. But it didn’t …….Is the Daily Mail tapping into something?
Anne though presumably native Brit spoke up and got a rousing 16,300 votes.

Where is good old fashioned Britain? Bring it back

The sentiment is after all just political correctness.

The Muslim shop workers are are not consuming the products themselves, they are wrapped up so they are not touching them either…… and its not illegal to buy these items. Political correctness gone way too far.

Veiled threat from Clare in Glassgee.

it all comes down to reasonable adjustment but i’m not sure how reasonable it is when the shop is very busy and you have to join two queues to pay for your shopping. Without having to look at a crystal ball… i see trouble ahead and people maybe voting with their feet.


You have a huge trolley full of shopping and are halfway through at the checkout when the Christmas port and pork stuffing hits the belt. Everything stops as you are informed you will have to queue again in another line to buy these items. You look up and down the lines hoping to spot another checkout assistant who is not Muslim as time and patience are running out. This policy makes it unavoidable that people will start to make assumptions about the ethnicity of check out staff before selecting a till. Is this really desirable? Alternatively, M&S could label queues and the ethnicity of their staff clearly and that, I am afraid, is a terrifying thought. The road to hell and good intentions and all that…. What s crass mistake by M&S.






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