How to write scare stories about Islam

Islam and the rise of populism


The New York Times reports that Christians in Europe will be a minority in their own homes by 2050, when Muslim birthrates tip the balance in favor of Sharia-addicted savages.

While birthrates among Christians in the country have remained steady for decades at 1.5 children per mass-consumption family, Muslim birthrates have been exploding.

The situation is made all the more serious by a recent paranoid poll by the Pew Research Center and Gallup, which released figures showing that 9 out of ten Muslims yearn to Islamifiy the continent, impose Sharia law and burn every Christain church to the ground, in homage to an old Christain practice against the elder faith, formerly known as infidels.

“God be willing these infidels will cease to exist by the next millenium,” said a gleeful Goddfrey Al Islam. Al Islam it MUST be added has 15 children by ten different women. He refuses to work he says because he is a lazy immigrant, who came to this country to take our jobs the immigrant bastud and promised to have more welfare children very soon.


In other news,Migrant Watch, formerly known as the Eugenics Society, found that white people are converting to Islam at an alarming rate. SOmething else to get paranoid about, their executive director, David Coleman, who earns half a million pounds a week at the non-profit said.

“Dont say I didnt says so,” chimed a smiling and conceited Geert Wilders, outside a megamoskee in downtown Amsterdam. Wilders was speaking outside the secret nuclear arms factory – the weapons of mass destructions are hidden in the minaret like the Ground Zero Moskee- ahead of local elections, which he hopes will re-Christianize the Kissmos.

He said that if the polls – not the Poles whom he also despises as lazy subhuman scum taking our jobs and living on welfare – are to be believed there will be a mega-moskee with a megaphoney in every village in Europe even before the dreaded time.

Because Islam is inherently a backward religion and because Muslims only want to go and live in the 7th century with their smelly goats and hooded wives and because they want to impose Sharia and because Islam is incompatible with democracy and because Islam preaches violence and is inherently violent and because Islam is mysogynistic and because Muslims are trying to Islamify the continent, mass deportations should start taking place as soon as possible.

He quoted a passage in the Koran which he took out of context interwove with some incendiary smutty piece from the Daily Mail – which loved Hitler by the way and ranted about Jews before World War Two – about Muslim birth rates as proof of his pudding.

He added that while not all Muslims have smelly feet, most dont wash their long beards and love to beat their women as more proof of his pork-filled pudding. He was joined in his cell by Anders Breivik, who had been recovering from symptoms of hallucinogenic paranoia and rage – brought on by reading smutty tabloids and opportunistic politicians spreading scare stories about one billion people. Before showering both of them declared their unconditional love and support for Israel because Jews will be safe after they have gotten rid of nasty Islam. “We love Israel, just hate Islam,” the chorus sang before retiring for a night of unprotected sex.



Journalist - Newsweek, Gothamist, City Limits, The Villager, etc. Tracking the rise of nationalist movements in Europe since the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York. Twitter:
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