Populist Theme 2: Out of control immigration

Clearly there is fact and paranoid fantasy, but when the mass media run certain stories…

Story about two foreigners from Romania and how the benefit-scrounging bums broke in to someone’s home and started squatting. Gypsies have been targeted in recent years as an example of chaotic developments. The UKIP recently made spectactular gains in local elections in England, trumping the Tories in particular. Out of control immigration cited foremost among voters as a concern.

Some headlines from the tabloids about the couple:

Begin with the Daily Mail.

Man goes to work and comes home to find Romanian family has



Metro UK

Man comes home to find squatters clearing it out | Metro News


BBC News

BBC News – Man returns home for wallet to find squatters

No comments allowed on the BBC website, but other newspapers reported the following reactions from readers:

The Daily Mail Comments (162)



Britain is becoming the welfare country to the world. Why wasn’t these Romanians deported? – Sue, England, UK, 22/3/2010 15:34 Rubbish, it’s the Romanians and other Eastern Europeans that do your country’s work, the hard stuff that you lazy Britons are too beneath to do.

They should be deported, no argument, and no return. It should be mandatory.

now if we ever needed an excuse to rid this country of labour and its policy of open arms to all immigrants this is it

The “Best Rated” – not sure if the paper makes this assessment or the readers.
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    Why have these not been summerly deported.This is not the first time Romanian families have behaved in this way. We the British tax payers seem to be at the butt end of some international joke where the citizens off third world countries see us as some sort of cash-cow which hands out money and housing to every dead-beat who arrives on our shore. Well enough is enough, if they haven’t the money stay for at least a year or preferably two they should be barred from entry at the port of entry and sent back to their home country immediately .NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Dermuid O’Shea, Hastings East Sussex, 22/3/2010 11:35

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    Britain is becoming the welfare country to the world. Why wasn’t these Romanians deported?

    Sue, England, UK, 22/3/2010 11:34

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    There’s an excellent place just down the road from them where they won’t need to change the locks: Yarls Wood Immigration Centre, where they can be held pending deportation and a life ban on reentering Britain.

    RM, Bent Kent, 22/3/2010 12:25

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    “…They were moving the owner’s belongings OUT the cupboards…” ?? So that didn’t ring ‘alarm bells’ to the Romanians indicating the house was still occupied? Of course it ‘ didn’t ‘. I wonder how the police and the judge would have viewed this case if the owner had not returned when he did, but later, and by then the locks had been changed? Would HE then, have been charged with breaking and entering if he attempted to get back in? You can bet your sweet life he would.

    James, Devon, UK, 22/3/2010 12:24

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    Thank you Labour. The General Election cannot come quick enough. Let us hope the electorate give the three main parties a bloody nose for encouraging this crass stupidity

    dh, dorset, 22/3/2010 12:25

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    typical of nulabour to allow it, fill the country up with scroungers to win more votes.

    lisa, england, 22/3/2010 12:22

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    This wasn´t squatting. To squat you have to find the door unlocked and there should be no evidence of forced entry, if there is, it is breaking and entering which used to carry a custodial sentence. We should be like the Australians and Americans, commit a crime and and get deported, no ifs buts of wherebys.

    Mich, Murcia Spain, 22/3/2010 11:26

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    This is the third time I have read that illegal immigrants, typically a family, swiftly move into a home that has been vacated because the owners have gone to work or, to the shops!! What is interesting is they ALL have the same story: a man in A SHOP informs them that they can JUST MOVE INTO someone’s home!!! Unbelievable.

    marie, London, 22/3/2010 11:34

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