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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Khaled Abu Toameh
Born 1963
Tulkarem, West Bank
Residence Israel
Ethnicity Palestinian Arab
Citizenship Israeli

Khaled Abu Toameh (Arabic: خالد أبو طعمة‎, born 1963) is an Arab Israelijournalist, lecturer and documentary filmmaker, who has been writing on Palestinian affairs for three decades. Abu Toameh writes for the Jerusalem Post [1] and for the New-York-based Gatestone Institute where he is also a senior advisor.[2] He is a producer and consultant for NBC News since 1989.[3]

His articles have appeared in U.S. News and World Report, the Wall Street JournalWorld TribuneSunday TimesDaily Express, the Palestinian dailyAl-Fajr and other newspapers.




Khaled Abu Toameh was born in the West Bank city of Tulkarem to an Israeli Arab father and a Palestinian Arab mother.[4]He grew up in the Arab-Israeli town Baqa al-Gharbiyye.[5] He studied at the Hebrew University and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and three children.[6]

[edit]Media career

Khaled Abu Toameh worked as a senior reporter for The Jerusalem Report and a correspondent for the Palestinian daily [Al-Fajr] [6] He has produced several documentaries on the Palestinians for the BBCChannel 4AustralianDanish andSwedish television, including ones that exposed the connection between Yasser Arafat and payments to the armed wing ofFatah, as well as the financial corruption within the Palestinian Authority.[6] He was the first journalist to report about the sex scandal that rocked the Palestinian Authority in early 2010 and which led to the dismissal of Rafiq Husseini, chief of staff to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The scandal was revealed by former Palestinian intelligence official Fahmi Shabaneh in an exclusive interview with Abu Toameh in The Jerusalem Post.[7]

Abu Toameh has served as a lecturer with the University of Minnesota – School of Journalism and Mass Communication.[8] He has also lectured at the London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS),[9] as well as the London-based think tank Chatham House.[10]

Abu Toameh was a keynote speaker at the 2009 annual conference of the Canadian Association of Journalists inVancouver.[11] He has spoken at the House of Commons of the United Kingdom by invitation.[12]

At university campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada, he has spoken on the situation in the West Bank and Gaza Stripand prospects for peace in the Middle East.[13][14] A series of his talks have been sponsored by StandWithUs,[15][16] and he spoke at their annual conference in Los Angeles in 2008.[17]

In August 2011 Abu Toameh was invited to speak at a seminar organized by The Australian Human Rights Center on human rights challenges in the Palestinian territories.

He has also been invited to speak at the prestigious Sydney Institute in Australia on the challenge of Palestinian state-building.

[edit]Views and opinions

Abu Toameh is a staunch defender of freedom of speech and has criticized the Palestinian Authority for arresting and harassing Palestinian journalists in the West Bank. He said it has become impossible for an independent Arab journalists to work freely in the Palestinian-controlled territories of the West Bank.

In 2009, Toameh declared that “Israel is a wonderful place to live and we are happy to be there. Israel is a free and open country. If I were given the choice, I would rather live in Israel as a second class citizen than as a first class citizen in Cairo, Gaza, Amman or Ramallah.”[18] In December 2011 Abu Toameh met in Jerusalem with Georgia State Elected Officials and briefed them on the current developments in the Middle East and the peace process.

In the Durban Review Conference, Toameh criticized Israeli Arab Knesset members for supporting extremism and calling Israel a “state of apartheid” rather than fighting for the rights of Arab citizens of Israel:

And then they come here to tell us that Israel is a state of apartheid? Excuse me. What kind of hypocrisy is this? What then are you doing in the Knesset? If you are living in an apartheid system, why were you allowed, as an Arab, to run in the election? What are you talking about? We do have problems as Arabs with the establishment here. But to come and say that Israel is an apartheid state is a big exaggeration. I am not here to defend Israel, but I think that Knesset members like this gentleman are doing huge damage to the cause of Israeli Arabs. I want to see the Knesset member sitting in the Knesset, in Jerusalem, and fighting for the rights of Arabs over there.[18]

In an article published in November 2011, Khaled Abu Toameh criticized the current leadership of Israel’s Arab citizens for damaging relations between Jews and Arabs inside the Jewish state. Abu Toameh has also written against the mistreatment of Palestinians by Arab governments, which he accused of imposing “apartheid” against Palestinians, especially in Lebanon.

Following publication of his 2013 article “The Palestinian Authority’s Inconvenient Truth”,[19] which is critical of thePalestinian Authority, the author’s Facebook page was temporarily deactivated.[20] It remains unclear whether Facebook’s action was taken in light of official complaints from the Palestinian Authority and Jordan or because other users flagged the posts as offensive.[21]

Facebook then issued a “sincere apology” to Abu Toameh, claiming the blocking of his account was the result of an employee’s “error.”

[edit]Recognition and awards

Abu Toameh shared Israel Media Watch’s 2010 award for media criticism with the satirical Israeli website Latma.[22]

On May 10, 2011 Khaled Abu Toameh won the Hudson Institute Award for Courage in Journalism.[23]

Canada’s Toronto Sun columnist Salim Mansur praised Abu Toameh for his courage and knowledge of the politics of the Arab world.[24]

[edit]Published works

Palestinian journalist threatened by Palestinian Authority security forces in West Bank Mohammed Dahlan faces corruption, murder charges


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