“Immigrant Scum”


 Police arrived at the house and arrested the couple

From one blogger:

Swans are being caught and eaten by Eastern European immigrants in Peterborough, who have set up shanty town style camps alongside the River Nene. Fish stocks are being raided and the recently upgraded riverside area trashed by East European scum.

We have Irish Traveller scum building illegally on green belt land – and seemingly getting away with it and Romanian immigrant scum squatting in a house left vacant for a few hours whilst the owner went to work.

A family of six Kosovans refuse to honour a legal rental contract and vacate a property that the owner desperately needs for herself.”

Monday March 22,2010

By Mark Reynolds

THE impact of Britain’s open-border policy on immigration was laid bare yesterday when it emerged how Romanian squatters moved into a man’s home while he was at work and attempted to claim it as their own.

Mihai and Laura Dediu, who have two children, said they met a man in a local shop who told them the house had been empty for some time.


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