Liberals love Sharia law, according to the Daily Mail

Liberals love Sharia law

March 1, 2011 by Don Surber


Liberalism is not dead in America.

It simply is loony.

From Drew Curtis’s liberal (he hates being called that) this headline to a link: “Republican Senator wants to make freedom of religion punishable by 15 years in prison.”

The story itself is from the Tennessean: “A proposed new state law would make following the Islamic legal code known as Shariah law a felony, punishable by 15 years in jail. State Senator Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro, introduced the bill, known as Senate Bill 1028, last week. A House version of the bill, House Bill 1353, was introduced by House Rep. Judd Matheny, R-Tullahoma. The bill claims that Shariah law is a danger to homeland security.”

From the comments, the first comment:

Goddammitsomuch. Every time I think I’ve seen the stupidest thing that a government official can propose, they manage to outdo themselves. When the government starts to lay the responsibility for all issues at the feet of one social or religious group, that was leads to disaster. And people tolerate it, because the encroachment on humanity happens in small measures.

The second comment:

But it also claims that any adherence to Shariah law – which includes religious practices like feet-washing and prayers – is treasonous.

Hear hear! At least there aren’t any well known Christians that partook in feet washing and prayers.

The third comment:

Awesome! Anybody who imposes the death penalty is guilty of a felony.

From the fourth comment:

I assume he’ll also make abstaining from bacon and alcohol illegal too.


OK, this is not a cross sampling. But suddenly the separation-of-church-and-state crowd is hugging a sterner-than-Christian legal code.

Among other things, Sharia law calls for stoning adulterers and homosexuals. Women are second-class citizens. Polygamy is OK. The bans on alcohol and the imposition of capital punishment does not seem to bother these jokers either. On abortion, there is a split decision. It is OK early in the pregnancy.

Let’s have a little separation of mosque and state, please.

On the surface, it does seem odd that liberals would support that. But then again, modern liberalism seems to have as its goal upending every tradition in America.

But hey, don’t question their patriotism.

I never do.

It is their sanity that I question.

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30 Responses to “Liberals love Sharia law”

  1. Old School Conservative says:

    “I never do.
    It is their sanity that I question.”

    In some cases, Don, I question their patriotism as well. There is an “I hate America and all she stands for” breed of liberal.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I don’t question their patriotism either, I just wish they would move to what ever country it is that has captured their heart rather than trying to recreate it here.

  3. Hrothgar says:

    OSC: right you are.
    There is also another class of elites that is certain that no one really believes in any aspect of their religion, it is just for show. This lets them ignore little details about islam like stoning of women adulterers, chopping off the hands of thieves, slavery, jizya, taqqiya, etc.
    Besides, they would never try to impose those religious standards upon “our” elites, and it would not really matter if they were imposed upon the “workers”.

  4. juvat says:

    I think your last sentence applies to Sharia law as currently applied in the Mid East. The elites there get away with whatever they want and the little guys get stoned.

  5. Mikey NTH says:

    “But hey, don’t question their patriotism.

    I never do.”

    Me neither. To question it I would have to have evidence of its scope or existence, and I haven’t seen any yet.

  6. Hondo69 says:

    Liberals claim to be most tolerant of us all, just look as they embrace all cultures and ideas. But that tolerance quickly ends the minute anyone questions their consistency and god help the person that tosses in a few facts.

    Liberals hate two things: rules and facts. Rules are their to make, for chumps to follow, and for them to break. And facts just gum up the works when they work to make their next emotional plea for some grand cause or another.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Ouch Mickey NTH, that would leave a mark if they weren’t so commie red.

  8. mytralmann says:

    The comments reveal the usual ignorance. To a liberal, all laws are to be broken if they interfere with one’s “freedom”. Sharia is not like that, ol’ buddy. It is all or nothing. Sharia is like cancer; one cell left untreated leads eventually to death of the organism. It can never be allowed to implant in the body politic.

  9. Jerry says:

    A liberal judge in Oklahoma struck down as unconstitutional a law that would have banned the use of sharia law. The plaintiff claimed it would have impinged on his right to practice his religion; for example, by denying his instructions in his will to have him buried facing Mecca. No reporter asked him if he objected to being denied the privilege of killing homosexuals and apostates, or stoning adulterous women, etc.

  10. MarqueG says:

    Here’s a piece at the DC that shows the easy revolving door between college hippy stoners and Shari’a-spreadin’, West-hatin’ imams.

    Remember, this Choudary douchebag is coming from Britain to this country to protest for “Shari’a in America,” by the Beard of the Prophet, Amen.

  11. Hrothgar says:

    There is always an overclass that can get away with anything. Sharia is no exception and your ME example is confirmation. My comment was directed more at our US overclass that just can’t beleive that Sharia will apply to far more of them than they think possible.
    Wonder how Charley Sheen will fare under Sharia (probably just fine)?

  12. Carol says:

    For the life of me I don’t understand why but right now Islam is “trendy”. It allows liberals to say, “See, we don’t hate ALL religions.”

    The problem is that liberals, being short-sighted folk, never believe that anything applies to them. Look at Amsterdam, the Mecca of “tolerance”. The city is becoming less and less gay (and pot) friendly thanks to the influx of Middle Easterners.

    Laws banning sharia should be unnecessary. We can not have a dual, and sometimes competing, set of laws. Those who wish to live under sharia can find numerous places where that is acceptable.

  13. Hill Country Texan says:

    Wait….did you say polygamy?

  14. Carol.Herman says:

    Liberalism, like the word “gay” has detached itself from what it once meant.

    But if you want to know what’s happened to the democraps, they gambled. They thought they won. And, their “big plans” have met with a movement, all right. It has moved the majority TO THE RIGHT!

    Someday, people will see the democraps as REACTIONARIES! They’re not going to be winning in 2012. Or 2014. Because the number of folks who have to run to “save their senate seat” is against them. In 2010 the republicans had to defend twice as many incumbents. And, still the republican party did just fine. (Except for the nasty way they disregard their own newcomers.) Until, of course, NEWCOMERS are becoming FAMOUS overnight. Has put a little bit of reality into the pants of a few republican clowns. And, the learning curve is growing!

    Here. I’ll make a prediction. MORE people, tonight, will watch Governor Walker’s speech to his legislature; than spent their time watching “the” Oscars.

    For what it’s worth: Audience matters.

    Anyway, I don’t misuse the word “liberal.” And, if I say “gay” I’m not talking about homosexuality. Language is a beautiful thing.

    Do you want to know what happened with the democraps? They became REACTIONARIES. They’ve got no way out of their troubles. And, unlike the 1960′s, there’s no music.

    Oh, and if you think hillary’s career survives, you’re using numbers that are greatly overrated.

    GIFTS have been given to the republican party. But they just can’t sit on ‘em.

  15. Neo says:

    Always remember that imans tend to be the biggest criminals under Shiria, but …
    he who makes the law can break the law unfettered.

  16. Sue says:

    Naturally Liberals support Sharia Law, after all Liberalism is the Identity Politics of Racism, Sexism, Gayism, Environmentalism, Classism therefore Liberals identify with hating whitey, beating down women, hanging homosexuals, torching oil fields, while keeping people barbarically impoverished.

    Shaira Law is the perfect fit for the Liberal Lifestyle.

  17. mytralmann says:

    not to beat a dead horse, but Muslims who can vote almost always vote for socialism. In France it is about 100%. Liberals hear their pain and want their vote. Hence what ever way they want to live is ok as long as they empower the liberal voting machine. Another voting block they don’t want to offend or lose or stir up.

  18. […] Liberals love Sharia law But suddenly the separation-of-church-and-state crowd is hugging a sterner-than-Christian legal code. […]

  19. gjsmith says:

    Carol’s got it right when she says, “Laws banning sharia should be unnecessary.”

    The law is or should be irrelevant. But there is a difference in “following” a religious law and IMPOSING it.

    Hate to think it would be against the law to follow this …

    “you shall have no other gods before me.”

    Or forced ( as in Islam ).

  20. MT Geoff Brown says:

    Sharia covers areas of personal life and of public life, somewhat like the Talmud or, for that matter, the Ten (or 9) commandments. None of the three are actually statutory bases for US law, nor may they be, under the Constitution.
    I am sure the legislator above is perfectly willing that anyone’s wish to be buried facing any direction be honored (like the ones about “bury me face down so folks can…”). I doubt the legislator is interested in interfering with how any property owner bequeaths the property by will. I imagine the legislator in question, like those in OK, looked at England and how parallel, allegedly voluntary, Sharia courts are being used to handle some domestic cases and some contract disputes.
    If people wish to submit to arbitration or mediation, American law permits this. But the legislator is, I think, taking the right stand that Sharia is not part of US law, any more than is the code of Hammurabi.

  21. Charles Curran says:

    gjsmith. You forgot the word ‘Law’ after ‘Sharia’. They want to make ‘Sharia Law’ a law. Then they can impose there will.No thank you. If you want to find out what we would be in for, travel to the UK or France.

  22. Heavy C says:

    sorry don, i gotta disagree. calling drew curtis a liberal really isn’t accurate. i’d say libertarian. and given the flamewars that erupt there, it’s a happy home for people of all political stripes.

  23. Heavy C says:

    whoops. re-read and saw the liberal tag was applied to fark, not to the man himself. but i believe my statement is still valid.

  24. CAPT Mike says:

    Howdy Don,
    Great post! The best way to to reduce the influence of the loony left is to use their own words to expose them as fools and hypocrites.
    Sharia law was probably (?) a step better than the mideavil arbitrary ruling of despotic ME tribal clan leaders, but it’s more than 500 years behind Anglo legal development.

    Howdy OSC & Jeremy & Sue: Spot on!

    Howdy Carol.Herman: Great 1st line! Best post in awhile!

    Best Regards,

  25. roberty bob says:

    Sharia Law is stuck in the Stone Age.

    Everybody [who breaks it] must get stoned.

    Sharia’s code of punitive justice conflicts with the code of our country. Those who would strictly enforce Sharia invariably break our laws in the process. CRIMINY!

  26. roberty bob says:

    In that fabulous first line . . . Carol Herman is right.

    People often suspect me of being gay in the older sense of the word. When I’m in my closest I can hear them whispering about me. Obviously I need the courage to come out!

  27. gjsmith says:

    From the text … “A proposed new state law would make following the Islamic legal code known as Shariah law a felony, punishable by 15 years in jail.”

    FOLLOWING the law. Sorry, but either the tennessean is being disingenuous ( of course that’s possible ) or the law is CRAP!

    Also from the link …
    “But it also claims that any adherence to Shariah law – which includes religious practices like feet-washing and prayers – is treasonous.”

    Perhaps a re-write is in order, e.g., making the imposition of Sharia unlawful.

  28. gjsmith says:

    BTW, kosher is a “law” … though I don’t follow that law, but it seems silly to not allow others to follow their beliefs. The point is, if it is against US law, e.g., stoning, honor killing, polygamy and forced conversion to Islam, there’s no point in the law.

    BTW, totally agree wth Jeremy, Mikey NTH and Hondo69. Liberal patriotism is to Socialism, not the Constitution.

    Love bacon FAR TOO much.


  29. BarbaraS says:

    What the government should do is arrest these people who are avowed America haters, who work to bring down the country, who go to these protests with tee shirts and signs calling for the downfall of the country and that includes some members of congress. I read a commenter once who said “freedom of speech is not a suicide pact”. Ask them what is their country of choice (not the USA), ask these countries if they will take them and if they will, ship them out. We have a vast (to quote Hillary) fifth column in this country that will destroy everything we believe in. These two factions are only allied for the short term. Both sides are sure they will prevail. As soon as one gets ahead the other will be destroyed. It would be interesting to see this, but I’d really rather not.

  30. Daniel says:

    Sharia = governmental authority over your rights to do anything other than obey.


    Where’s the separation of church and State here, libs?

    ….. crickets …..



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