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‘No porn or prostitution’: Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities

Last updated at 12:11 PM on 28th July 2011 Comments (800) Share


Dewsbury, Bradford and Tower Hamlets … where Islamic extremists want to establish independent states with sharia law

  • Medieval ’emirates’ would operate outside British rule

Last updated at 11:45 AM on 6th July 2011

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Islamic extremists have called on British Muslims to establish three independent states within the UK.The notorious Muslims Against the CrusadesRead more:


As Islamic extremists declare Britain’s first Sharia law zone, the worrying social and moral implications


By Sue Reid

Last updated at 10:34 PM on 29th July 2011

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Probe into secretive Sharia law courts scrapped as Muslim leaders close ranks

Last updated at 10:46 PM on 29th July 2011 Comments (187)

Muslims demand Sharia student loans because paying interest goes against Islamic law

Last updated at 1:41 PM on 22nd August 2011

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  • Muslim groups are calling for a separate student loan system because the interest due to be charged will conflict with rules of Sharia law.

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‘Wear a headscarf or we will kill you’: How the ‘London Taliban’ is threatening women and trying to ban gays in bid to impose sharia law


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:17 PM on 18th April 2011


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