Islamophobia In Holland: Hate In Holland

Here is a link:

Shot the interview by Ground Zero on Memorial Day.

Check out some of the  the comments page:

” Lady the system works for you because people like you come to western countries to seek a better life for you or your family. Immigrants constantly feed off the government welfare bird feeder and it drains the countries financial system dry. The US has the same thing with Mexicans coming to America to seek a better life. People say they are sick of the immigrants coming to their country, well cut the fucking bird feeder off and they will leave. Its that simple.
  • ceoaalp 1 day ago
  • Comment removed
    petzlxx 1 day ago
  • Moslems don’t want to fit in!They flee their Islamic created shitholes to create another in any Nation with a Christian history they then infest. No Moslem shithole welcomes refugees! The Christian belief and fact is Muslims are deceived. Like Schizophrenics,they need therapy; Not confirmation of their delusions.

    Their recognized place of worship in a Christian country -is a Christian Church.

    Mosques are the recognized place of worship only in Moslem countries.

    petzlxx 1 day ago
  • It’s not as if the Dutch raided this lady’s country, rounded them or her ancestors up and brought them into their country as slaves. They chose to come and live in Holland of their own accord and have made a nuisance of themselves by killing Theo van Gogh, threatening anyone who uses free speech rights to criticize bad Islamic practices etc.. Muslims don’t contribute anything in the civic sense. They only take, take, take.

    tvarad 2 days ago

    KeepEuropeWhite 2 days ago
  • @KeepEuropeWhite Moslems confuse the word “phobia” with *disgust*

    petzlxx 1 day ago
  • @KeepEuropeWhite Thats what they all need to do. It has gotten so bad in Europe that only mass extermination is the fastest solution to this problem

    ceoaalp 1 day ago
  • Muslims need to go back to muslim lands —–

    lizzarddawg 3 days ago 2
  • Geert Wilders is a beacon of hope in the Netherlands. May his Freedom Party continue to make strides in the Dutch and European Parliament as they stand up for Western Civilization and make Netherlands a country for the Dutch people.

    philgraham415 4 days ago 3
  • @philgraham415 Make Netherlands for Dutch people and only for Dutch people. That doesn’t mean tourism is banned because that would hurt the Dutch economy. A simple solution to try is banning the religion of islam. Banning the use of the Quran would do it why not ban the entire thing.

    ceoaalp 1 day ago
  • Didn´t mean to offend you, but if you pay any attention tp the situation in Europe it is absolutely horrible, sick, and insane. We are weeping. Perhaps Russia will help us some day?

    svrljig 6 days ago
  • @svrljig There is no hope for Europe. The EU is getting ready to crumble under its own weight. There will be a period in the near future where Europe’s economy will be in ruin but it will revive.

    ceoaalp 1 day ago
  • Islamophobia? STOP inventing words. Islam is not religion but mixture of religion and ideology. Just like Communism, Marxism…

    ludikriticar 1 week ago 5
  • As an American its interesting to see the immigration problems in Europe. I’m not entirely sure how to view the issue, but definitly many countries need to cut down on immigration, nothing good ever comes from mass immigration. Its lead to rising crime rates in American border states at least, not sure what the stats are for europe.

    Aresolar690 1 week ago
  • @Aresolar690 Not sure what the stats are for Europe. You are a funny guy. Are you insane?

    svrljig 1 week ago
  • @svrljig I haven’t been diagnosed with any mental disorders. Why do you ask?

    Aresolar690 1 week ago

    timjohan 1 week ago 8
  • @timjohan Deatht to white soldiers in Muslim countries. If God willing, no western soldier should return alive to his or her homecountry for christmas.

    Invesigator 1 week ago
  • @Invesigator Ahhh you are one of the islamist assholes who want to chop women heads off at the local stadium and throw acid in small girls eyes….what a real pussycat you are..

    timjohan 1 week ago
  • just give birth to some muslim children n shut the f up .

    nagamora 1 week ago
  • “A Dutch woman and her views on the chaning….”

    A Dutch woman? She’s not Dutch. I will never consider an Arabic person or a person of Arabic origin Dutch. The day the Dutch officially consider immigrants Dutch is the day they lose their identity, heritage, culture, and they shit on their ancestor’s long history of making the Dutch identity into what it is now. Too bad the Dutch are completely destroying that. Down with immigration!

    MagicalHax0r 1 week ago
  • Deep words sister.

    proudmuslimahhh 1 week ago
  • Bullshit video. And it’s Geert Wilders not Gert Wilder and what the fuck is islamophobia?

    NomendeiNL 2 weeks ago
  • @NomendeiNL Yeah… what’s wrong with “death with muslims”, nothing… right?


    faro0485 2 weeks ago
  • @NomendeiNL

    Poor Holland. The problem is we don´t know how strong we really are. When we realize how strong we are…

    svrljig 2 weeks ago
  • the hate against Islam has nothing to do with Geert Wilders, it is much wider spread in the West. Current powers are just manipulating the public view of their genocide on Islam. They are not extreme, they point to a random one and claim he’s much extremer. Instead he;s the only one talking about the problem while current powers keep lying to us and keep claiming they have all good intent for Muslims.. as long they are within their borders…

    apezak 2 weeks ago
  • @apezak and as long as they don’t practise real Islam, but a non-existent moderate one. Real Islam is the biggest danger for Western Capitalism.

    apezak 2 weeks ago


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