Welcome to Hate in the Media

sharia_zone“The Daily Star will clearly not be endorsing EDL in the future.”

I first started writing about hate groups more than 12 years ago. My first published article, Terminal Hate, traced the nascent movement of hate groups on to the virtual streets of the World Wide Web. I interviewed some curious figures back then, including Matthew Hale of the World Church of the Creator. Hale was the leader of a small group, 30 or so and was the group’s director. Since then lawyer has been seen wearing an orange jump suit, following his conviction for conspiring to murder a federal judge.

But Hale was small potatoes, considering what has come since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Since then Muslims have become the target of a growing hate movement and fringe views are now firmly in the mainstream. Islamophobia is now a common feature of the media and endorsing far-right hate groups like the English Defence League is nothing new. The Daily Star did a detour but according to English acadamic Matthew Goodwin the media has been playing a pivotal role in filling the powder keg.

The comments therefore of David Cameron on the failure of multiculturalism made to coincide with a demonstration of the EDL only underscores a sense that hate is now opening its big mouth in more respectable ways.

The so-called “mega mosque” blocks away from Ground Zero and the rage its opponents revelled in four months ago outside Park 51 is only another example of a frightening trend and the mainstream media’s culpability. No! I don’t mean solely Rupert Murdock’s rag Fox News but more middle-class culprits as well, such as CNN’S Deb Feyerick during the following interview with Park 51’s Sharif El-Gamal. Note how El Gamal is being described. He’s the Ground Zero Mosque Developer. Amazing! Especially since there isn’t supposed to be a Ground Zero Mosque! The phrase comes from the gob of Sarah Palin. Here is it is: CNN’s petite Deb and the threatening Mr. GZMD.


And consider the introduction to the imam and his alleged links to groups that support terrorism. But it wasn’t Christians and it wasnt Jews who brought down the Towers. It was the Muslims, little Debbie reminds us. Stayed tuned for footage of the demonstrations outside Park 51.


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